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1. What is your real name/what do you liked to be called? Julie - some of my friends call me Jules, but most of the time, Julie.

2. Where are you from? Gainesville, Florida. But I have a lot of family in Ohio - which is where I went to school.

3. Family? Just me and my husband, Dwayne. Oh & three cats - Sketch, Easter and Catilla the Hon.

4. Occupation? Purchashing Agent for architectural woodworking company.

5. Age? 38

6. How many hours a week do you typically spend scrapping? I'd say a good 10-12 hours.

7. What size LOs do you prefer/do you do? Most of the time 12x12, but I've recently started buying 8x8 albums.

8. How would you describe your scrapping style? I'm all over the place. I don't think I really have a defined style.

9. How long have you been scrapping? Since October 2006. But, it's so similar to paste up & layout (which I did in highschool & college in journalism courses that I picked it up pretty quickly).

10. Do you have a product or technique you’re known for? Or what do you always seem to turn to when you’re putting together a lo? Since I tend to dabble in a little bit of everything, I don't think I'm known for anything. Am I?

11. Do you have a favorite manufacturer or product line? I'm really into Basic Grey right now, but Scenic Route has been sucking me in lately. I'm drawn to anything "funky fresh".

12. Is there a technique you’d love to learn or have tried and gave up on? I feel there's an entire world of stamping that has yet to be explored. I have a few stamps and I piddle around with them, but I just know I could make better use of them if I only knew how.

13. Is there someone on or elsewhere whose style you love or whose LOs inspire you? There are soooo many. I may like a style of one person, but love the technique of another. One single LO may inspire me, but I may not care for the rest of their gallery. I must admit that I really like ZoeDoodle's stuff and I'm thrilled she's going to be a part of our group.

14. What do you hope to gain from being in the For Scraps Sake group? Overall, I really want honest feedback on my work. My husband will say, 'that's nice', but sometimes I need more than that. I need to know what's not quite right with it & what would you alter... because, ultimately, I'd like to try & get on a DT and/or be published.

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