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1. What is your real name/what do you liked to be called? Jennifer-I go by Jeni or Jen.

2. Where are you from? Elizabethtown, PA...who would've thought you'd find two of us from the same town??

3. Family? My husband, Matt and I for now (along w/our two kitties Kinsey and Kali and our dog Mookie)...and of course the little one on the way (due July 26)

4. Occupation? Coordination of Benefits specialist for a dental insurance company

5. Age? 25

6. How many hours a week do you typically spend scrapping? It depends on if I have plans on the weekends or not since that's primarily when I do most of my scrapping.

7. What size LOs do you prefer/do you do? 12x12

8. How would you describe your scrapping style? I think I'm still trying to find my own unique style.

9. How long have you been scrapping? Well I started scrapping when I was about 16...but it was just basic stuff. When I went to college I stopped for a while and restarted again about a year or so ago.

10. Do you have a product or technique you’re known for? I don't really think so. I like finding random thinks to add to my pages.

11. Do you have a favorite manufacturer or product line? Not really...when I go to the sb store I have in mind what I need for a certain lo and whatever I find that fits the bill works for me.

12. Is there a technique you’d love to learn or have tried and gave up on? I only own a few stamps and am pretty much afraid of them. I would love to learn how to effectivly stamp.

13. Is there someone on or elsewhere whose style you love or whose LOs inspire you? Everyone! I love browsing through the gallery and looking at people's stuff!

14. What do you hope to gain from being in the For Scraps Sake group? I hope to become a better scrapper by learning new things and getting opinions from others who actually care (unlike dh who says everything looks

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