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Thanks for the interest...lets get started.

Hello this is a new Circle Journal Group!

A Circle Journal is: a book that you create, any size, shape, and color. This is YOUR journal so be creative. Each participant creates their own Circle Journal.

The theme for this CJ is My Pet(s)....
Please decorate the outside of the journal in anyway that you want and the first page inside the journal, thus setting the feel of your journal and yourself. Your welcome to add a note with some of your favorites or dislikes just to make sure those do not get in your journal!
You then package up your journal and send it to the next person in the circle. (Everyone in the swap does the same thing so your journal will begin and end with you.)
The next person in the circle receives your journal, does a two-page layout according to one of their favorite things or by following your lead and directions and within a month sends it to the next person in the circle. Every month you get someone else's journal. At the end of the swap, each participant gets their own journal back with beautifully decorated pages by your fello swappers.

This is a really EASY and FUN swap to participate in. when signing up you need to make a commitment to complete the pages and to send the journal to the next person within the month time frame. This commitment will last over the next 5-6 months.

Please note: You must be sure to check in evertime you receive a CJ and send one out. Let us know Where it is and who's! Thank you!!

And include this information in your CJ can be on a seperate piece of paper!

Getting started

1. Sign up
2. Purchase or make your book. You need to make sure there are enough pages for the introductory page(s), sign-in page, and the entries for each member of the group.
3. Decorate the cover of the book, if desired.
4. Create you title, introduction, and sign-in pages. The introduction page can include your favorites but it doesnt have to your welcome to put those on a seperate piece of paper along with your dislikes and any guidelines for the others to follow when making their entries.
5. Immediately after the sign-in page, create your own entry into your book based on your theme.
6. Send the CJ to the next person on the list by the deadline. We will establish a routing sequence and deadlines after everyone checks in. You will always receive CJ's from the same person and will send CJ's to the same person on the list.
7. Receive a CJ from another participant and create your entry (be sure to follow any guidelines they give!)Let the group know when your receive a CJ or send one!

When you recive another person's CJ:

1. Note the theme
2. Review the introduction page(s)guideslines/ favorites/dislikes
3. Sign in
4. Create an entry based on their favorites or guidelines. If you have a question- please ask the owner of the book about it or post it on the board we are here to help.
5. Send the CJ to the next person on the list by the deadline. (it is ok to mail early, just let us know.)


1. DELIVERY CONFIRMATION IS MANDATORY!! Please post your confirmation number here so the journal can be tracked. Please post when you ship and receive, I will be keeping track on the first page.
2. Take special care when mailing the journals. Use a box, not a padded envelope. Use bubble wrap around the book and put it in a large Ziplock bag. Then fill the box with additional packing materials. We don’t want them to get damaged in the mail.
3. Print or write out the addresses big and clear and double check it before you mail it. Also please add a return address!

When the last person in the rotation completes their entry, the journals are returned to their owners.

Nitty-Gritty Details

You will have someone else's book in your hands so please be respectful:
-no smoking around the CJ
-do not let children or pets near the CJ
-store books in a safe place when not working on it
-if something happens to the CJ while in your possession please let the owner and myself know right away, sometimes accidents happen and it is better to know then never see the book again.
-Please do not sign up if you are not going to be able to follow through. This is a HUGE commitment, time, effort and money, no one wants to start and then have their book disappear. I am currently in a CJ where someone has disappeared with 2 CJ's that don't belong to them. It is a horrible thing to happen.
-If there are any problems/concerns, please PM me immediately.

**I shamelessly stole all that above from Miriam and the "My Favorite" CJ that I am in.

Let's sign up. Once we have enough people we will decide on when we want to get mailing. Let's sign up!!!

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