Username Post: Genealogy/Family SB - help!
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I am considering starting a HUGE project that involved years and years of family pictures, letters, etc. that my paternal Grandma has in several huge cardboard boxes. I am told that most of the pictures don't have names on them, so I would need to be at my Grandma's (6 hrs away from my house) while taking down info. I was thinking about spending a week or so sorting through all the stuff (they live on a quaint farm that would be relaxing to go to!) and then take the rest home and work on it here. I'm really not sure where to start.

If you've done a project like this - scrapbooking any type of family memorabilia - do you have any advice? I'm hoping to get it all into one or two books. And, if someone has already posted a thread on this, please send me the link!

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