Username Post: COF Critique Group #3--Why not join us!
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Ok.. My answers:

1. What your favorite scrapping styles, materials, techniques are.
I don't think I have a style, though eclectic is somewhat it.. I'd like to get even more eclectic. BUt sometimes I love very clean and simple.. how it looks. It's difficult for me to achieve.

2. Some materials or techniques you would like to try but haven't had the nerve yet.
Laura.. I'm with you, I'm terrible at stamping, and I just cannot figure out why. I have all sorts of lovely stamps, and I really shy away from them, for fear they will ruin my layout! So maybe we can learn to do better.. together! I can't think of anything else at the moment.
3. Any specific suggestions you have for us to try as a group. I like the suggestions stated so far. I just would love to have us chatting together every day.. as friends, not only for critique. I want us to get to know each other, and really go to each other for help with scrapping, and otherwise!

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