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Good Morning Ladies, Thank you for the list of abbreviations. I think it would work best for me to type the whole word, other than learn that list.

Here are the answers to my three questions...

I do not have a scrapbooking style. I use magazines, and things I see in stores for inspriation. Like I said in my BOM, I want to make my LO's as creative as possible, and I will continue to try new things.

I do not have a certain technique. Like many of you have said, I want to learn to stamp better. I have so many stamps, and I love them, but I feel I many be a little high strung, or shaky to use them. I can never seem to not have my stamped image, be blurry. I am not giving up though. The material I love to use is Vellum. I want to get more ideas of what to do with it. (Any suggestion helps), please point me in the direction of an example any of you have.

As far as suggestions for our group. I am new, and am not sure of what the possibilites are, but someone earlier said something about a secret sister swap. Like a Secret Santa at Christmas time. I loved it in elementary school, when you would get little somethings from a "secret santa" every couple of days. I think that would be fun.

Have a good day everyone, I am having gals over to crop today, and I have scraplifted from Sherrise, and am going to work on that!!

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