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Okay I probably won't get any of the activities done this month, but I will give it ago! I haven't done any BOM pages yet, I keep putting it off!!! Hate my own photos, hate having photos taken of me, hate talking about myself, LOL should make an interesting BOM, if I ever get to starting it!!!!

1. What your favorite scrapping styles, materials, techniques are: I don't think I have any specfic style, I just go with the flow!!! Whatever comes into my head and what I think works! At the moment I am trying to layer my layouts more!

2. Some materials or techniques you would like to try but haven't had the nerve yet. Stamping on my layouts!!! Doodling on my Photos! I have just conquered one, cutting into a background paper and using it to flow over the photo! I also want to do more painting on my layouts, I think that's enough!!!!

3. Any specific suggestions you have for us to try as a group. I think something Like a circle book, have never done one, but have heard a lot about them, and they sound fun, and what a lovely keepsake of something friends have made! Love all ATC's,and general swapping. Love challenges and sketches, as they help with crafters block and generally get my off my bum and get scrapping! I will have a go at anything, and try to do all!!!

Hopefully I have answered ok, enjoyed reading all the other answers!!!


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