Username Post: Wondering how some of you have solved this dilemna
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I'm afraid I don't have any helpful advice - I gave up.

I've been playing around with my genealogy for a couple of years, and was hoping to incorporate all that into some scrapbooks, but it's not going well. I've pretty much reached the conclusion that "something is better than nothing", so I'm taking it one layout at a time.

I'm sticking to 2-page layouts, concentrating first on anyone I have photos of, and including as much information as I can to identify them. In other words, I have a 2-page spread of my G-G-Grandparents, where I list their birthdates, marriage date, and children's full names and birthdates, with a photo I have of most of the children. As I go, I'm just going to put the pages in the best order that I can, grouped by family, then date. The way I see it, as long as each 2-page spread clearly identifies the people, even if they're not in order, they are still valuable.

But this is really less than ideal. Mostly, I just wanted to wish you luck, and kudos for even trying this. I am an obsessively organized person, but I've become so overwhelmed by the whole genealogy thing that most of my stuff is currently hidden in a closet until I can get up the guts to face it again.

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