Username Post: The Giza gallery/support group ~ Open and accepting new members...
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Hi and Welcome!
This is our gallery/support group which consists of the following Giza Gals:

Active Members:

Renee77 (Renee)1 July
Anne 1701 (Anne)3 November
mpmyers (Maryann) 7 November
Scrappy Shanah (Shanah) 16 May
Scrapinmomto2girls (Margaret)4 April
Scrappin Pooh (Jen) 7 October

iamtherealtamtam (Tammy)5 July
sk9801 (Sara)22 May
Luckynewmom (Milz)28 March
Scrappysara (Sara D.)17 November

This first post will be where any new information will be posted. We will post any swaps or challenge information here as well.

Our next challenge: Will be a ATC Swap!

1. Artist Trading Card
must be the standard size of 3.5 in. x 2.5 in.

2. We will be mailing our cards out individually
With the exception of Scrappy Shanah. I will
Swap them out on her behalf.

3. Due Date: They must be mailed out by June 6th.
This will give us an entire month to get them
completed and mailed. If you finish early and
want to mail them early that is fine.

Twist: ATC must include a flower(s) of any kind or color.
Due Date: June 6th

Anne -
Maryann -
Renee -
Shanah -
Margaret -
Shatema-Still waiting
Sheila-Still waiting

Our Next exciting Swap is:
Uncircle Journal
Due Date: August 31.
Varies. Shanah's topic your favorite place!

= received

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