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hey, i just heard about walmart suing a brain-damaged former employee... i hate working for these people. Here's the story...

just thought i'd share... i am kinda in a bad mood today. worked 11 hours yesterday and 9 today, and i'm soooo tired. no time for crafty stuff, either. blah

I saw that, It's more the insurance company that w-mart uses that is suing. W-marts medical insurance paid her medical bills for the accident and they are wanting to be paid back money she won in the suit against the person that hit her. Insurance companies are doing that a lot these days if you use the medical bills in the first lawsuit, and receive funds for those medical bills you have to pay the insurance company back. It's a shame but the federal law passed back in the late 1990's.

Check out the fine print in your medical insurance, most have a clause that state if you use their insurance to pay for an accident and you receive a settlement due to the accident you will have to pay the insurance company back. A lot of people don't know this until they settle a case and everyone has their hands out for the money.

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