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. What is your real name/what do you liked to be called? Jerusha is my real name, you can call me that or you can choose something you like. I am pretty flexible. I have had everything from Jeri to Jeru to it really matters not!
2. Where are you from? Canada
3. Family? I have a wonderful husband named Steve that I have been married to for almost 4 years, and 2 boys - Aiden is 2 and Micah is 4 months old.
4. Occupation? Currently a SAHM, but when Micah is in kindergarten I plan to go back to school for my MEd. so I can teach high school.
5. Age? 25
6. How many hours a week do you typically spend scrapping? 6-8 hours. I try to scrap when my hubby is working an evening shift and the kids are asleep.
7. What size LOs do you prefer/do you do? I usually do 12x12 but I am flexible.
8. How would you describe your scrapping style? Experimental!
9. How long have you been scrapping? A year and a half.
10. Do you have a product or technique you’re known for? Or what do you always seem to turn to when you’re putting together a lo? I used to be a Creative Memories consultant so I have some of their tools. I only did it for about 3 months (there just is no market here to keep it going) but I don't regret it because I got a lot of their tools at a discount price, it is wonderful!
11. Do you have a favorite manufacturer or product line? Not really, I like a little bit of everything. Whatever I can afford!
12. Why are you drawn to scrapbook your faith journey? I am really not talented artistically. I have always longed to be! When I started to get into scrapbooking, I really felt that it was something I could do that I did well. And then as my pages started to get better and better I felt that God had finally blessed me with an artistic flair for SOMETHING. It just makes sense to scrapbook my faith journey now that I am getting used to scrapping.
13. Is there someone on whose style inspires you? Tons of different people. I love seeing other people's work and wishing I could do it too!
14. What do you hope to give and gain from being in the Faith*Scrappers COF group? I am not sure what I can give since I am new and not experienced. But we all know that sometimes God uses the least likely people to touch other's, so maybe He will use me. But I know I can gain some new friends and some inspiration here and I look forward to getting to know all of you!

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