Username Post: Virtual Crop Week #57 Baby, It's WARM outside!
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I was talking to Mom before the crop last night, and she asked if 3 was ok. I asked John and he said no, so I went back in my room, finished talking to mom and then did the rest of my usual pre-crop last minute stuff. In the middle of the crop he texted my phone to ask what the plan was. What do you mean, what the plan was? You said that 3 was inconvenient for you, I told my mother that, you're now well out of doing anything.

He does have a valid excuse for not being at work this morning (beyond the one I'll post the story of later). His dad's estate is finally done with probate, so he's going to the lawyer's this morning to finish up some paperwork and arrangements. Then he'll come back and be in my way while he packs his gear (which he didn't do last night) for the game, reducing any amount of cleaning time for the rest of the house than I may need.

In an attempt to redeem himself, he has volunteered to drop Abby at school...

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