Username Post: Want to play Megan's game? (PRIZES)
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  • TriciaH Said:
Dawn, you have some talent mixing products together. Someone should hire you to write a magazine article! I like the ledger products with the Fancy Pants !

Thanks Tricia, but its just mixing same colors.
Scrapbooking has really helped me in that area. I have learned how to put all kinds of colors together and all kinds of patterns.

Tricia? Are you driving the NSD activities this year?

Kelsey is handling the NSD activities. I am, however, starting to gather prizes.

Speaking of prizes, not very many people participating on this thread. Did I mention I was doing a drawing at 4pm for PRIZES???????

I just went and made the three prize boxes, they are good. Some tattered angels, some technique tues tiles, some flowers...its kind of an earthy brown theme (oh and one of the tattered angels is limited edition and we don't carry it. Anyone motiviated to play now?)

Love all the combos. This is fun!

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