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Hi, everyone, I found my way over here!!
Well, I want to let you all know that the guardianship was made permanent on Wed. The parents showed up and the judge met with them first and told them that no matter what they say in court, he was granting the guardianship. He advised them that if they want to be a part of the boys lives then they should get counseling. In front of the judge the father tried to make my dh look like he was not communicating with them, but I set him straight on that, since I was the one who kept in contact with the mother the first time the youngest ran away to us. When we left the courtroom all the parents wanted to talk about was getting money for the boys cars (this whole time they've wanted us to pay $3,000 for the boys cars that they payed partial on.) After they left, the boys said that nothing had changed and that they didn't think their parents would get counseling.
The oldests teachers have told me that he is such a different person, and he went to the security guard the day it was final and grabbed her hands and told her that it was over (smiling the whole time). She said he was almost giddy with relief!

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