Username Post: Weekend Version of Megan's Game (w/Prizes):
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We were playing this game today and I decided we should have it over the weekend for those people not allowed on the internet at work (Like I Used To Be LOL!)

Here's a link to the previous game:

Megan came up with this game awhile back. Find several random things in the store and link them in your post (just use the "choose products mentioned" thing you see when typing your response to thread to link them - way easier than when we used to play it).

You can find items by

Find By Color


Holidays or Themes

By Brand

just the regular old what's new section where I tend to start my day:

What's New Section

Things that go together. Preferably not all from the same manufacturer - let's challenge each other mix things up.

Enter as many times as you like (do a new post to this thread for each of one of your "things that go togethers") and I'll draw names of three winners from a hat around 9am Mesa Arizona time on Monday.

Sound fun? I'll play too, but won't draw my name. Promise LOL!

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