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sooooo....I just want everyone to know that as soon as my new pc is up and very first project will be to backup all of my picture CDs. I know, I know....but with it being as stupid as it was being, it was just to daunting a task, and after all they are all on CDs and all in a case right?
DD borrowed the cases the other day.

Sooooo my computer genius friend...
anyone know if by some miracle a computer will read, or there is a way to retrieve any of my honeymoon pics off of a CD with a small chunk missing out of it?

I don't know. Can you get the chunk back? And is DD still breathing?

DD is still breathing...because she is not here. She is at her dad's. And so far a certain little puppy seems to still be alive so he either didn't actually eat the piece, or hopefully he chewed it up small. I found the CD half under the couch. I didn't get a chance to look for the chunk since dh was coming in the door and I didn't want him to see it

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