Username Post: *Bling* Help Needed - Random Prize Drawing
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To make it easier (and more fun) to find Bling products we created a "Bling" section, see here:

However, we know there are many more products that should be in it. Wanna help us fill it?

If yes, here's the seek-n-find challenge:

1. Link any product NOT already in the Bling section in this thread.

2. Do NOT link the product if someone in this thread has already linked it.

We'll keep this thread open until 3pm on Tuesday, so everyone has a chance to play. We'll pick the winner using that random generator thingy. Prize will be at least $30 of FREE scrapbooking products .

Here's a hint to the first person to read this thread - (for something I know that's not in there) "My bugs like to Doodle when they scrapbook"

(PS two more threads for two more sections will be started - you can play to win there too)

((PS again - is anyone expecting BlingPrincessRia to be all over this?? LOL!)

(((To add a product in your post, click Reply to my original post, then click the Star button under "Choose Products Mentioned")))

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