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Hello,I have been working on my heritage albums for a few years. I also do genealogy. I have 2 12x15 albums and 2 12x12 albums started. I started with the story of the 1st ancestor that came over and added a family tree. I then added photos in chronological order starting with my gg and then ggrandparents and working forward to my grandparents and so on down the line. I did add some memorobelia. If you go to my gallery I have a 2 page lo of my ggrandmother as a girl wearing a gold locket. She gave me the locket with a picture of my ggrandfather and that is on the 2nd page of the lo. If your grandma isn't camera shy I think it could be nice if you could video her telling you about the photos and things. You are very lucky she saved all those items,Enjoy!

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