Username Post: Help w/ SBook Party 4 fundraiser
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First I would round up some donations for the fundraiser crop from LSSs (they get advertising in return), supermarkets/food places for food/bevs. Possibly copy place for flyers, etc. (Thank businesses who donate in flyer & mention at fundraiser).
Advertise a few 'makeNtakes', possibly from items donated by LSSs. Check $ store for what they have. I was able to get a huge amount of Christmas theme stuff for a Christmas LO makeNtake. Possibly someone to demo a technique or how to make a mini-album (paper bag mini-albums are great for watching cost).
Ask Gals to bring scissors w/ their name attached to them, their own covered beverage container (no money wasted & lot less clean up), pics they want to scrap. Have a few contests--like craziest hat, trivia. Contests for LOs made there.

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