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Circle Journal Information

Here's a detailed list of helpful information regarding our circle journal group. If anyone has any questions, please post them. Props to twinscrapbee for making awesome cj instructions for the DRS group, which I am using as my model here.


Below are our participants and our themes. They are listed in the mailing order. I will always mail to Rebecca, Rebecca to Shawna, etc. You will always send to the same person and receive packages from the same person; i.e. I will always mail to Rebecca and receive from Keli. The circle will be complete when you receive your finished journal with pages created by each member of the group.

Jesse - To be named, but the concept is a timeline of photos, etc. of yourself
Rebecca - Do You Believe?
Shawna - Say What?!
Cathy - The Simple Things In Life- 10 thinga that make you happy
Beth - Pieces of Me
Keli - My Bridge Over Troubled Water

Albums will be 8x8, or as close to that size as possible. Make sure that there are enough page protectors for each member!

You'll need to create:

A title page with the title of your journal.

An instruction pagewhere you describe your topic in greater detail and explain what you'd like communicated. You can also state if you'd have any preferences for layouts.

A sign-in page where each member can record their name, city, state, username, picture, and/or any other information that you'd like included. Make sure you sign in!

A 2-page layout illustrating your theme. This is very important because along with your instruction page, this sets the tone for the journal and helps others know what you're looking for.

Always ship in a box rather than a padded envelope to help protect the contents. Delivery Confirmation is recommended. When you mail your journal out, wrap it the way you want others to package it, and please repackage other's journals with care. When you mail a journal, please post here so that the receipient knows it's on the way. Share Delivery Confirmation numbers if you have them.

Ok, I'm sure I'm missing something, but I hope that's a good start. I will add mailing dates as soon as we figure out when we'll be ready to ship.

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