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I work at a lss and you would be amazed. A while back we caught a regular putting stuff into her sb bag that she clearly did not pay for. A regular! I mean she would crop there every couple of weeks and spend big money! Well we totally busted her and to find out that her Mom had given her a credit card to use. She had the funds but stole anyways!

Then recently we had a Mom yes that's right a Mom just go through pulling stuff off of the racks in front of her son (He's probably around 8/9 years old) and walking out with it! Seriously in front of your son who is old enough to know what's going on! Unreal!!! Then she would try to return some of it a few days later. Luckly we have her on camera so charges have been filed and all that. When the police went to her house to issue the arrest warrant she wasn't home but on her front door was a religious welcome sign. Boggles the mind doesn't it?

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