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It's hard to find a shelf that's deep enough to accommodate the 12x12 albums. I have mine in the guest bedroom on a cedar chest (bookends). I've had several people stay over and ask if they could look at my albums. They're all navy blue, but the company I loved doesn't do albums any longer, so I have switched brands and they're a little different. All are 3-ring style.

This would be my luck. Dh says every time I find things that I just love, they discontinue it. It's a little joke now. If I say I love it, he says I'd better get lots of it, because it will be gone tomorrow!

Thank you everyone. Keep them coming. I'm learning a lot. Dh is a wood worker (just no time to do it), but eventually I think I could get him to make me a glass front bookcase to fit the 12x12's and with a top shelf to fit the 8x8's, but where would I put it? Hmmmmm. All ideas are appreciated.

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