Username Post: Albums...what do you use, and why?
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Good thought!

Here's what I've used/have.

The American Crafts customizable one. It was a special gift album, and I just couldn't FIND what I wanted in a regular album.

Colorbok . This is usually my favorite. But I guess I'm getting bored with it.

Hiller - my first 3 ring. I'm kinda leaning towards switching to 3 ring. I only have....6? Maybe 5...pages in it so far. So not enough to know if I love it or not.

A Bazill post bound that's not made anymore. My daughter picked it. She loves it. Wasn't my fave. But I haven't tried THEIR 3 ring.

We R Memory Keepers . Another one that I've tried their post bound, but not the 3 ring. I'm really liking the COLOR of that blue one, tho.

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