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Scrapbook Challenges:

These can be completed at your own pace unless otherwise stated, but earn an extra 10 points if completed on that day.

*August 1 - Set up siggy with August layouts/points totals for 100 points. NO EXTRA 10 FOR THIS and NO 5 FOR UPDATE SIGGY, because there is nothing to update if you are just setting it up
*August 2 - Buttons & Blossoms - use 10 or more flower AND 10 or more buttons on your layout for 65 points.
*August 3 - Today is friendship day. Scrap a special friendship for 100 points!
*August 4 - schools will soon be back in session so blog on the topic of school for 75 points.
*August 5 - today is neil armstrong's birthday! So use stars on a layout for 50 points. Bonus 25 points if you also use a moon!
*August 6 - scrap a page on a large diecut sheet of paper! There are so many fun, new diecut papers in the shapes of scalloped circles, brackets, hearts, road signs, etc. If you don't have any of these types of papers you can make your own! 50 points.
*August 7 - Use letter stickers to create a mask effect in your title! You can ink over them, paint, use crayons, etc. and then remove the stickers to reveal your title. 75 points.
*August 8 - Change your avatar today for 35 points!
*August 9 - create a layout and then use scraps from the layout to make a card for 45 points.
*August 10 - Because the Olympics are going on create a layout using the Olympic, black, green, yellow, and blue. Each color must be present in the layout in some form and no other colors may be used except in the picture. 75 pts
*August 11 - Today is fuzzy wuzzy day! Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, but Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, so Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy was he?!?!?! Is your layout like that bear, lacking in fuzz? Add some texture to your layout today! Use felt, velvet, corduroy, flocking, etc to make your layout fuzzy for 65 pts. Use a fuzzy wuzzy bear for an additional 10 pts!
*August 12 - music is all around us so why not use it as inspiration for a scrapbook page! Use music notes or other symbols for embellishment, song lyrics as journaling, make a lo about a concert, or just write about how music is present in your life! Make a musical lo for 65 pts!
*August 13 - Do you have a lot of diecuts and paper punches sitting in a drawer that you rarely use? Well, I know that I do! So today's challenge is to drag them out and use them on a layout or card for 50 pts!
*August 14 - Create a review can be for any amount of,a month, a year, even a lifetime. For instance, A Day in the Life of Me, What We Did in January, Sally at 14, or The Amazing Life of Uncle Jim. 90 pts!
*August 15 - Today is National Relaxation Day so sit back, relax, and of course scrapbook! Take 25 points for each layout uploaded today!
*August 16 - Use at least 5 different ribbons on your layout today for 50 pts.
*August 17 - use a handmade you received in a swap (or as a gift) today for 65 points...use 2 of them for 100 points!
*August 18 - if you have a case of the mondays, take 50 free points
*August 19 - scrap your pet today (or another animal--zoo, a friend's pet, your birdfeeder--if you don't have one) for 90 points
*August 20 - get your needles ready! instead just 10 points for stitching, take 1 point for each HAND stitch you put on your one, single page layout
*August 21 - scrap that large photo today (5x7 or larger) for 75 points.
*August 22 - make a monochromatic layout today for 100 points (only shades of one color allowed, NO extra accent colors except in your photos--not even metallics, black or white!)
*August 23 - since we limited our colors yesterday, today, use no more and no less than 5 colors in your papers and embellishments for 50 points.
*August 24 - What’s in Your Purse?” Scrap a LO about your purse and all its goodies! For 70 pts. Add an xtra 25 pts. If you actually use something from your purse on your LO!
*August 25 - Create a LO using one of last weeks photos from the weekly challenge. For 50 pts. You can add an xtra 45 pts. If you use all 4 photos!!
*August 26 - Today is the Anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution-giving women the right to vote! Since this Amendment gave women a voice..Create a LO the describes/shows what makes you a modern day woman!! 95 pts.
*August 27 - Today you all get a “Mulligan” ?? Confused? Well, don’t be. If you play golf, you know what a mulligan is! And for those that don’t play golf-a mulligan is a “Do-Over” So dig out the VERY first LO you did!! And do it over! Well make a new one, actually. Don’t ruin the old one, for heaven’s sake’s. That’s history!! You get 60 pts. For this. And you can add an xtra 35 pts. If you use the same pictures. (copies)
*August 28 - “Mosaic’s” So create a LO using this technique. You can check out this Link to get some ideas if you need too. It doesn’t have to be the actually picture that you make into a mosaic, you can use pp if you like. You get 95 pts. for this!
*August 29 - How many loved history??? PU not me. Now I do, but in school…B-O-R-I-N-G!! O.k. today you need to scrap a LO showing what happened on the day you were born!! It can be events, facts, fads, #1 song, prices of houses back in the day. Whatever fits as a history moment on your day!! You get 45 pts. for this. And you can add 50 more pts. if you have 50+ words of journaling on your page.
*August 30 - We’re at the end of summer, in some parts of this country. And that makes Autumn coming right behind!! So, dig through your papers and your embellies and get out your Autumn stuff. Make a LO that has Autumn colors. Use Autumn pp, and embellies on your LO. Get creative! NO Halloween stuff!!!! Just Autumn, Fall items! So since this is my last day doing this week. Let’s go out with a bang!!!!! Everyone gets 150 pts. for this!! And you can add 25 more points if you use an ACTUAL photo of fall, or a fall activity. NO Halloween!!!
*August 31 - basically free points
100 points for having everything uploaded by midnight
25 points for making sure your challenge blog is completely updated
50 points for PMing me your layout totals, points totals, # of daily challenges completed, and a link to your blog
25 points for including in that PM, the link to your fave layout that was linked to AGC for this month
I will accept PM's until midnight Monday night (to give everyone a fair chance to check in), and at that point I will post a poll for voting and will announce the winners of the point categories, etc.

Week 4 photo challenge:
"due" to be uploaded/linked by midnight, August 30... MUST be NEW for this challenge unless otherwise stated! Extra 5 points per picture for using your datestamp!

45 pts. A picture of your favorite movie
50 pts. A duck in water
50 pts. Your favorite cup
65 pts. A picture of your local produce section, in your grocery store.
75 pts. A picture of your cheapest gas price in your area.

Week 4 Scrapbook Challenge:
"due" to be uploaded/linked by midnight August 30

Woodstock opened this month in 1969 almost 40 years ago! I would have been 11. Sooooo your weekly LO challenge is to scrap a 70’s themed page! You have to have a peace symbol, and a flower power symbol. This challenge will bring you a cool 310 points. You can add 25 more pts. If your picture, (or pictures) were actually taken in the 70’s. (Please make copies of the said 70’s pictures; we wouldn’t want to hurt the originals)

Monthly Scrapbook Challenge
"due" to be uploaded/linked by midnight, August 31

I have a new found addiction to "Word Albums"... these are the albums that each page is a different letter, that when closed spells out the whole word. They make super simple, and such great personalized gifts, I thought that since it's getting closer to the holidays, that we could make one of these this month.

You can use a storebought one, or you can make one yourself! This will be worth 500 points, plus points for each page. Also, I will allow 3 layouts towards your goal for making one.

Here is an example of one I made from chipboard pieces.

(There are several different types that you can purchase in the superstore)

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