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Hi Ladies, I've found myself in unfamiliar territory and in need of advice from you pros out there.
I've been struggling to find a crop to join at any of the LSS here in Durban, South Africa because my style is so different to the trends here. I eventually got fed up and decided to start something of my own. I've invited about 5 friends who iether already scrap or are interested in getting started to get together one evening a month to scrap and chat.
Just so you understand my predicament, I've only been scrapping for approximately 18 months so I'm relatively new to the hobby.
The first evening is next week Wednesday and so far we discussed and agreed to the following
- The hosting responsiblities will be rotated amongst the participants
- We'll set monthly challenges for fun
- Each participant will make a small contribution every month towards buying expensive tools that can be shared by everyone.

I really want the first evening to be a success so is there anyone out there who can offer advice on hosting these type of get togethers or have any other suggestions to make the evening fun for all?

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