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  • Kimberkv Said:
Pioneer and The Perfect Scrapbook by Colorbok are my favs. I like the books with three posts and the back spine thing that slips in and out of the cover, not one with the holes that you attach with the posts, they never look good on the book case.

I have replaced some of my 2 post album posts with the snapload binding system things - see below. Pioneer also make an album with those insted of posts. These are nice cause you can get them fairly tight.

As for the spacer problem. Get rid of the cardboard and get some of that craft foam stuff and cut into strips.

Thanks...I wondered about the Colorbok albums, I might try that out. I can never get the cardboard spacers to look good either never thought of the foam.

Thank you all for the share of fustration! I am glad to know I am not the only one out there that gets that way

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