Username Post: Goodie Box Girls Secret Pal Round 5 Swap... Full and Closed
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Okay my GBG (Goodie Box Girls). Here is the thread for our secret pal (5th round)....

We have 6 this round (including me).

So here are the guidelines. We will do this for February & March, with a price range of $25 per month. You can go a little over, but lets try to not go under. Be sure your wish list is up to date too. It just helps give your pal extra ideas.

I will get into a little more specifics once we all check in.

I am so excited! This is going to be so much fun I can hardly stand it...


1. GoodieQueen
2. Goodie Her Groovyness
3. Nurse Feel Goodie
4. Goodie Fairy (now Goodie Princess)
5. Goodie Good
6. Goodie TwoShoes

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