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1. What is your name? My name is Yvonne

2. When is your birthday? My birthday is 3/12

3. Do you have a spouse/significant other? Name? I have a something LOL, his name is Doug, we are not married but have lived together for 16 years. I call him my dh though. Makes it easier.

4. Do you have any children? Names? Ages? I have a step-son--TJ he is 22. I have a ds--Brian he is 21 and 2 dd's--Krystal---18 and Brittni--14

5. What is your favorite scrapbook item? I have so many. I love chipboard, my cricuit (even though I have only used it a few times), flowers and trying to get into inking more.

6. What do you do when not scrapbooking? i.e.
occupation or other hobbies? spend time with my family and go to my kids sporting events. dh loves to fish and boat, so we do that sometime. I also love to play mini golf and we just got a wii and are having a wonderful time playing that. We also love to watch movies. I am a licensed EMT and on the local rescue/fire dept. I am also a cosmetologist, but I don't do hair anymore except for my family as I can not stand for long long periods of time.

7. What do you hope to gain by being in this
group? Make friends and receive help when am stumped and critique as to what others might think would look good as I consider myself a very simple scrapper and would love to try new things. Sometimes I have a very hard time doing a layout, not very artistic LOL.

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