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ok! i'll be second! Altho i dont know if any really interested in this kinda thing..but here goes,,i like to do this so maybe someone else will too ...........

By Bettylou1
here is a quick and really easy way to alter chipboard! sometimes i dont have an embellishment or the correct type looking letters i want so i try to find ways to alter what i do have!..i know we all know you can paint something or glitter it but sometimes you want a different look!..this may be something you might want to try! its fun, cheap!!,and so easy to do!... in this first example i used letters already pretty, but i wanted to fancy it up just a bit...
i took paper sticker ribbon by k&co and stuck in on my shirt a few times! yes! i did! (you dont want to damage the chipboard by taking it off when too sticky!) ,,this makes it less sticky then i applied it to the chipboard letters, and just inked over it! then i pulled it off carefully and ....they look so much different!! just think of all the things you can use as a mask and give it a try!
in this next example..i used tissue paper for wrapping and decopodge! but school glue that dries clear with a little water added will do just as good!..
then i took my tissue and wadded it all up making it nice and wrinkley (is that a word? LOL) then i straighten it out a bit..added the glue to the chipboard and carefully smooth it over the chiboard creating the winkles i want as i have to use quite a bit of glue for it to look will not look so good tho until it all dries!
then i just cut the tissue to fit under the bottom of each element a bit to hide all the ugly edges..! that's it! i believe i inked the tissue just a bit before i applied it also.. if you want your chipboard shiny you can use a paintbrush after it dries and go over the whole thing with a coat of decopodge...have fun!

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