Username Post: **FULL/ACTIVE** Garage Sale Swap Due Dec 8th
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Great! I'll add you now!

There is no limit on the value of your bags, but lets say you send in a 20.00 tool, you may get another tool that is about 15.00 I will add in a few more extras items to equal the value of what you send in. Or for ex. if you send in 1 baggy of brads, you may or may not get brads back.. But I will give you something around the same value as the brads. Does this make sense? If anyone has any suggestions please let me know I am open to all idea's! Also one thing to remember you may send in anything you like, but say you send in 30 small items with a value of 5.00 you will only receive around 5.00 worth of return item(s). Handmade item will be replaced with handmade items.

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