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Not exactly sure what you're looking for here...but here goes!

It seems that I have tons of "heritage" photos, although when I scrap a photo of me as a child, it makes me sound SOOOOOO old when I think that the layout is considered "heritage"!

On this layout, I tried something new for me. I wanted the background to look like peeling wallpaper, so I matted my photo first, decided "where" I would place it on the bg paper and lightly drew marks at the corners of the large mat. Then I marked a few places to "tear" the wallpaper. To do this in the middle of a l2x12 paper, just cut a slit with your exacto knife, then tear towards you to get the rough edges showing. Then I dampen the edges and curl them up. When the paper is dry, I use my inks and really ink the edges heavy. I didn't use a full sheet of paper behind the tears...just cut squares that would fill the hole and adhered it to the back of the layout. I don't have a distressing tool, so I just use a pair of scissors along the edges of my paper. Sometimes the scissors slip and cut the with it and make it part of the peeling wallpaper look.

I use Photoshop Elements 5 for all my photo editing and often "clean up" my older photos. This was a very small photo that I scanned in at 600 dpi and then turned it to a sephia tone.

Any questions? I'll answer if I can!

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