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I use all dies embossits, sizzlits, new & old, decorative strips, orginals, accukuts, cuttlebug & quikutz in my red sizzix machine. They all work fine with the right adapters. The newer, larger sizzlits are about 2"x 4". They work fine. I put them in my red machine with the adapter on. If I need more pressure, I simply put a folded sheet of copy paper under the cutting board & add more if I need more. The deco strips are 12" long & I use those too. I simply tape the paper to the edge of the strip and push it along after pressing it down into the cutting board. Never had a single problem with any of them. The Bigz are the only dies I cannot use as they are too wide to go thru the presser area of the machine.

OMG! Now, I know why I'm on this site! You gals are so ingenious! Thanks!

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