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  • TripletMomS Said:
I'm not seeing a LO Sue... am I going dingy?

Oh, I love it Jane!!! Left you some love

Lots of lovely Lo's Luci!

Oh Erin.... I love the orginal CSI! It is the only one I watch. I knew it would be bad since it was close range. Hey, did you hear a rumor that Grissom is leaving with Sara and being replaced by Samuel Jackson?

  • Erin120105 Said:
just checking in. Off to cook dinner and then watch CSI! Cant wait to see what happened to Warrick! hahah Does anyone else watch CSI: (las vegas)?

I also only watch the original CSI. Cant stand any of the others.

I heard that it was Laurence Fishburne that would be replacing Grissom. He is a good actor so that transition might be ok. They cant stand to loose any other of the lead character's it just wouldnt feel the same. I get the feeling that Grissom will be in and out of the show. He is still one of the executive producers after he stops acting full time.

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