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Wow, I am Late.... But I made it. Sorry, I have just been away from the computer for a while and was unaware you ladies had gotten started on this awsome thread. I am really thrilled to be able to share, but I must admit I feel way out of my league! I have already read several tips I am going to start trying ASAP!! Now here are a few tips from an older LO of mine... hope that you can use them.

Daughter By Hisgirlre

First if you notice the turned down corner at the top left... Well the Pattern paper is not two sided so I just made it appear to be by secureing the two papaers together and then running a longer piece down below the larger square.So you can really turn down the corner of any PP even if the back is white, just use another PP backing it for the corner area only. Secound on the stitching I just hand drew a pattern in Pencil, used my needle to poke out the pattern and then stitched it. Third, if you notice the pattern on the large brown square that is "white" kind of looks like flowers and such??? Well I did this by placeing the PP over a pack of slightly raised stickers and then sanded the paper very gently, sort of like you would do a leaf rubbing. This will work with a variety of stickers and as long as your gentle you will get several uses out of your stickers! The last thing is the flower... I am sure you may have done this but just in case... I simply took a 6" strip of ribbon and then sewed and gatherd it up into a circle then added a button brad and there ya go!

Thank you again for letting me be a part, and I am looking forward to all the great tips!

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