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By Anderjackie

I am frequently asked how I can do so many LOs in such a short amount of time, and reading through the descriptions of all these very talented artists in this group the answer has become glaringly clear...I have no techniques! What to do? I promised to be a contributor, but I have nothing to contribute! So I went through my gallery and found the LO that has been the best received and will try and describe what I did and hope that suffices, though I think it is probably the stunning photo, taken by my BIL, that won it such acclaim!

I have a passion for paper, and one of my biggest challenges is that I hate covering up beautiful elements of the pp. One way that I have addressed this, especially with ds pp, when I have to choose which side to use (horror), is to cut out the element that would other-wise be hidden and add it to my design elsewhere. That is what I did with the postcard on this page. I also save the strips that I tear on ds pp and ink it and use the reverse side under the edges so that it looks like another layer. I'm all about economizing. Along that same line, I save the edges of the paper I cut circles out of and then use it as matting, just covering the blank space with pics or paper. I also save used chipboard punch outs for patterns. The flourish on this page was traced from CC "love notes" chipboard and then cut out.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. Like I said, I'm pretty basic. My LOs are mostly about pp, color, and embellie selection rather than technique.

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