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Megan - ForumTech

These files were done from free vector art I've found on the web. I can barely draw a stick figure.

My plan, at the moment, is to group them by theme...

**Folks with older Pazzles machines - I've converted these for use with your machines. If you run into a problem with any file, please let me know so I can fix it.

Since there will be a bunch of files, I'm starting a new thread, with the disclaimers to make the legal types happy.

* takes no credit for the original artwork - only for converting the free artwork into a format suitable for digital cutters.

*Use cuts made from these files for your own use; but do not sell the digital files.

*Do not redistribute these files. Please point interested folks to the site, to download them from our digital cutting forums.

* makes no claims or warranties as to the suitability of the file for your computer or you cutter. By downloading the file you acknowledge that bears no liability for any outcome or result you experience for having downloaded the file. If you’re not comfortable with this, do not download any files.

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