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Here's the link:

But I'll try to see what I can paste on here--my pics aren't showing but you can see them on my blog. HTH

If anyone orders wayyy too many prints from one event, that’d be me! LOL I get a BOX every time I order from Snapfish. I even order the blurry pics sometimes because I can see what was going on in the pic (even if everyone else can’t) and I get all sentimental about these un-useable pics. Problem is, I have tons of leftover stacks of pics floating around everywhere. Here are five ideas for using up prints that don’t make it onto your layouts:

1. Create cards from them. Come on, who doesn’t love a card with a funny face? A 4x6 print is perfect for the front of card. Crop it, attach it to the card front and then dress it up with some fun googly eyes, flowers, or whatever you fancy.

2. Create a “Faces of” Page of your family or the subject in the pictures with your blurry photos. You can even cut them all down to just the faces and tile them all over a page. On this page I just used 2x2 cropped pics of Matt over the last year making funny faces. I've already done layouts of all these pics so they are truly extras. To make it more "funny" I added a bracket mustache to Matt too! LOL

3. Insert 4x6 photo pages between the pages in your scrapbook to slip these pics into. Karen H., from Book Club at The Scrappin’ Table, has done this for years and the idea was recently featured in one of the scrapping mags. Bazzill even has Lickety Slip albums now where you can put these pages in them).

4. Create small home décor projects for the office. Hanging calendars, post it note holders…you can add photos to all of these so they do double duty as an office supply and a photo frame. This works really well for wallet size pics.

This is a post-it note / mini bulletin board we made in Book Club last month. It is perfect for the spot next to the fridge, your desk at work or in any narrow space. I have mine in my scrap room and yes, I use those post-its ALOT! It folds up too if you want to make it a mini book instead...

This is a mini acetate wall hanging we did as a book club project ( you might remember seeing it on my blog before...). It's a great way to make a small gifty item using some extra wallet size pics.

5. Create a pocket behind the layout to house all the extra photos. Close to My Heart even sells “True Fit Folios” that are 12x12 and fit behind a page—you can slip all kinds of great stuff in there with your extra pics, like certificates, award ribbons, tickets, event programs.... For more info contact Laura Miller, my CTMH rep.

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