Username Post: Come Travel to Paris Vicariously...
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I just finished loading the layouts of the FIRST album of my Paris vacation, although I didn't upload all 100 pages (48 two-page layouts and a beginning and a "to be continued" page) but a good amount of them are there. And its only the first two days of the trip!!

So this brings me to a question about what to do for a second book. This is only my second album I've put together completely and both have been post albums - which I'm not sure how I feel what are the other options out there? Will my books always have a loose feel to them? This one kind of moves around because there are only two posts - my wedding album had 3 posts and the 106 pages fit better and don't move as much as this one does...
okay - I can see I've gone on a tangent...should have opened this on another post probably...

Enjoy the trip! I did And I'll let you know when Paris Part II is done!


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