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Ohh...I like the idea of tabs at the top of the album!! It's a great thought, do you mind if I adopt it? I'm not sure how I'll work it out...but it will make it more interesting for someone who only wants to see a specific part of the trip.

I went to one of the lss in my area and picked up the strap kit to replace the posts in the book - so I'm going to give it a try. There were so many positive reviews that I thought, why not...
I'm hoping that it will work as well as they say.

My book right now ends at the area around Jardin du Lux embourg on our first full day in the city - but that's not where the day ended...there's still St.-Sulpice and our first official French meal to add. According to the reviews for the straps I should be able to put almost 200 pages in without any difficulty. I stopped where I did because I was already at 100 and didn't want it to get as wobbly as my wedding book. So now I'm going to finish up the day's events then reassemble the book to see how it works and if its as good as the reviews say.

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