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Even if you make a giant album the other thing to consider is the weight. The whole thing becomes so heavy that it's hard to look through. And the pages start to flatten each other out from the sheer weight.
believe-you-me I have tried to make 4+" album and found the post kind besides getting all can't flip the pages after a certain point. And the spiral kind the rings and therefore the gap is so large it becomes a real effort to just turn the pages.

PS you can also buy a post reinforcement piece that is a bar with the three posts welded to it. It cuts down on the wiggly factor.
And you can also go to the hardware store and buy 4" posts (instead of having to use a bunch of extensions) that helps too.
I have the strap conversation kit thing you are talking about too but haven't tried it yet because I just don't think it will hold up to the weight of the pages.

PSS My dream is to one day make a giant, carved wood album that will hold all of my vacation pages. The album is going to end up weighing 50lbs but who care it's much better then saying...Ok here is book 3 of our vacation and seeing the person's eye's roll.

It sucks to be forced to split the pages up between albums but until someone comes out with a Jumbo album that works... If someone knows of a an album that will hold 4+" of pages PLEASE let me know.

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