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Ok here are some of my photos of a few of my home made USAF symbols.

This one is the easier of the two. Take the logo off the internet... make as many copies as there are colors in the logo. One big outline for the main shape and the others for the secondary colors. Then just cut out each color shapes and layer on.

By Hanging By A Moment

This one was a nightmare. took me 4 hours to complete. The positive and negative space was very confusing to work with and I even made a wrong cut at one point. The mirror paper is terrible for fingerprints and adhesive residue. I just re-cleaned it before taking this photo took me about 15 min to get all the little pieces shiny again. Only the truly ambitious people should try this. Plus taking a photo of a mirrored paper .. you can see your self and the camera... Xyron was my friend as well as Mr. Exacto. Though I do love the end result. This is the USAF Logo and his graduating rank from Basic.

A1C Lauer {detail}
By Hanging By A Moment

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