Username Post: Crazy complusive scrapping shoppers group
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ooh! I've been wanting to get that Bind-It-All! Seriously...I think I'm gonna get it soon. I've also been twiddling my fingers whenever I see the Cricut Expression. LOL

I have a vote for VP for this CRAZY COMPULSIVE SCRAPPING SHOPPERS THREAD, how embarrassed AND honored I am.

I think Cindy10 should definately be President for this thread. I am always SO, SO happy and appreciative when I get packages from her. She's always over-the-top! MY problem is that when we're mutual pals in a swap I match I guess I do have a serious problem myself. BUT, I do believe she deserves a taste of her own good medicine too!

I do think that mommie75 should be in the running for one of the positions as well because although I myself have not been on the receiving end of hers, my little boys have and they had the BIGGEST smiles on their faces when they got packages from her.

This is such an interesting thread!!!

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