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OK, I like the idea of haveing a confessional. I never tell my hubby what I spend, and he doesn't dare ask. LOL I say I am lucky because I live in a small town that doesn't have a place to buy scrapbooking stuff. (well not yet a small boutique is opening soon, but I am sure the prices will be too high) Anyway, when I do get to go to Hobby Lobby,an hr from here, my friends kinda look at me crazy when they see, or I tell them what I spent. On sale items mind you. So I get my money's worth. Yet they don't mind comeing over and shareing my materials and tell me how jealous they are. lol I just paid off one Crucut and my hubby woke me up one morning to show me the expression my SIL was telling me about, so of corse I had to order it too. I told him that was his fault. I rarely leave Hobby Lobby w/out spending less that $200.00. Again that is why I am glad I don't have one closer.

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