Username Post: scrapping for a friend..what should I charge her
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Originally...over a year ago when her Son graduated and she knew that I was a scrapper, she asked if I could help her. We really weren't friends just acquaintances. I agreed to help her and told her I would just help and she didn't need to pay me. After we met for the first time and we spent over 5 hours and didn't get that much accomplished. I told her that I would go ahead and work on it without her when I had a spare minute or 4 hours :). I had no idea that it would be so time consuming. The kid was in almost everything you can imagine from sports to Prom king, Elite clubs and so forth..not to mention he was in photography so his pictures are amazing but he just has tooooo many of them. so after I finished his sophomore year she needed the other 2 years photos from him which he was waiting to get recovered from his computer that he left on the top of his car and then drove over it when it fell off. That all took around 6 months. In Sept she brought me more photos and paper. I have added very few embellishments because he doesn't want to much, but I have matted almost ever photo and article, Added cut words from my cricut and a little stamping. Ive been working probably at least 20 hours a week. I dint realize that until my hubby brought it to my attention. He is getting quite frustrated as am I because I would like to be doing my own family albums. I shouldn't complain...really I don't think I could ask for an easier person to work with, she has the photos very organized and has tried to always have the school color papers for me. She always tells me that I need to come up with a price. She did tell me that about 6 years ago she worked with a Creative memories demonstrator that charged her 1.00 a page....but they actually worked together on the entire project and she was purchasing product from the demonstrator. I think if I was doing this again I would charge 5.00 a page or $500 for this large of an album. I'm thinking of telling her $300 or 2.25 a page. Does that sound reasonable? I think trading would be a great idea if we had kids the same age or the same interests but she is not a scrap booker and she doesn't have children at home. Thanks for all the great ideas.

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