Username Post: The Great Ice Storm of '08
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  • judyQ Said:
I'm in Western Mass. but lucky for us we completely escaped the ice. We got nothing but rain during that big storm last week. We're not going to be so lucky tomorrow. We're supposed to get hit with 6-12" of snow. Happy Birthday to me.

I'm in Central Mass...just south of Worcester...We got slammed!!!! Hubby's wrok office is in Western Mass..and they thought he was kidding about our damage and our situation of being without power and all. When they called him the second time and he relayed the damage to them over the phone of downed trees and powerlines they couldn't believe it...They then started watching the news and then realized just how bad it really was here. My dd went back to school yesterday, we got power back late tues. afternoon. Many in N.H. and as close as 20 miles north of here are still w/o power and the schools will be closed throughout the Holidays.

Yep...I'm a little gun-shy about loosing the power again with all the snow storms headed our way...Fri. 8 to 10+, Sunday into Monday another one and now they're talking another Christmas Eve!!!

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