Username Post: scrapping for a friend..what should I charge her
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I just did a book for my brother in law for Christmas '08. I supplied everything, even the album. I picked out everything color wise, paper wise. I had total control over the project. I charged him 150.00 for the entire project. That's 5.00 per page and 30 for the album. That only leaves 20.00 for my time. I don't think in the future, I would cut myself so short. I would have charged more had I known how much time would be involved. And because of the content of the album( it is for his wife..the pages are of her mother who passed away this May)I bought very special things for it. So, in a way 5.00 didn't even really pay for materials. I don't think that you are asking too much. Take it from someone who learned the hard way.

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