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  • rubyc on 12-19-08 12:32 PM

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  • miniscraper Said:
I felt so bad...
This Was NOT at Michaels.

I've not said anything about this for fear it might come back to bite me in the ********..Back in fall a store had scrap stuff on sale I really wanted the DCWV "All Dressed Up"stack they had it.I picked it up,thought it was a tad heavy, My mind is trying to think of WHY this is..The light went on....there was more than one stack in this pack,well knowing this i went and paid for my "one" stack..I get home and after i opened it their were 3 stacks all done up ,they hadn't taken it out of the package/wrapping..I laughed,but at the same time felt ~ I don't normally do stuff like this either I'm as honest as they come.

The same thing happened to me. Funny thing is that the lady that scanned it told me that it was alot of paper for the price. I went home and noticed that it was 3 stacks wrapped in plastic.

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