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Saturday, we decided to go Christmas shopping. We took Brittni to Krystals place and cleaned all the ice off her car so she could drive it, she couldn't get the doors open. It took us 1 1/2 hours to clean it off. Ice was about an inch or more thick. It was bad. We told them they could go shopping and out to eat if they wanted too. They decided to go out for supper, which was fine. They had to go all the way across town to the restaurant they wanted to go to. Had no trouble getting there except they got lost and ended up way out of town before calling us to see where it was at. They had gone right by it and didn't see it. THEN, on the way home they are on a one way street, going very slow because it was very icy and the stop light was yellow so they were slowing down, all of a sudden, Krystal lost control and they think they spun around (360's) about 3 times, they were screaming they were so scared. They finally stopped and Krystal said all cars on all four sides of them at the intersection were stopped and watching them. They never hit anything. So they went to the mall around the corner and stopped and called and we had to go there and I drove her car home, she was so scared and shaking.

After the accident they were almost killed in, they are scared in a vehicle. If you swerve even a tiny bit, they are screaming.

There was a lot of black ice. We even had lots of troubles with the suburban. You would be going along great and then all of a sudden hit a patch of ice and not even see it. We almost couldn't stop one time and about slid through a light. ABS brakes sure were working. It was kind of scary. We also saw two cars that tried to turn corners and were either going to fast or something and slid and hit curbs and broke off their front tires. It was really bad out.

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