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On Saturday, I went to HL. Usually Doug stays in the sub. This time, we got a parking spot right in front of the doors. He parks, I go to get out and he says well wait for me. I was shocked. So he goes in with me and I get what I want and then I went to look at Cricut carts since they were on sale, didn't see any I wanted there. Then he asked me which ones I had on my list. I said they didn't have them at HL. He said Brittni wanted to buy me something from just her, cuz all the kids do that. Then they give me something from all of them. Anyways, I got to thinking and the carts I ordered from custom crops should be here by Dec. 24, I told Brittni if she wants to give me one, I will open the box, make sure they are all there and everything is ok and then she can take them all to her room, pick one, wrap it and keep the others in her room and then I won't know which one she picked to give to me. They thought that was a good idea. And when we were in HL looking at Cricut stuff, Doug seen the Jukebox there. He said Oh man, now I suppose you need one of those. I laughed and told him I already had one, got it for $39.99. HL wanted 89.99 for it. He laughed. He asked me how could they sell it for so cheap when HL was asking $50 more.

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