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Wow! I love xstitching! I used to be part of EMS but I just could not keep up with them there (alibis: babies & life)

I have finished a few projects since I started six years ago but I've never really done it exclusively (another alibi )

I have one now that I started right after my son was born (he's six months old now )

but that's why I call it a hobby I guess. I do it only when I have time. (MAJOR ALIBI! )

I once tried a free three day trial of a xstitch program. I used it all day & all night and printed all the patterns I have created. (pretty sneaky huh)

and the site I can only remember as "lilac" lets people upload images and makes patterns out of them but then they keep copies and own rights to the patterns...

I do find it very relaxing! It's a shame Walmart does not carry DMC products anymore! Anyways, happy stitching!

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